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June 8, 2008
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+ Thash + by Talonclawfange + Thash + by Talonclawfange
I'm very happy with this drawing :) it came out great and the scanner didnt murder it too bad. Thash is going to be my participant in zeldafreakhall's myriad path II, so below is all the info for that. I did this with ballpoint pen and markers (the grey skin was prismacolor everything else was less famous brands) and the background is ordinary lead and colored pencils. FULLVIEW and ENJOY!

oh, i forgot to put something else in....just to answer questions, yes he breathes both air and water but not at the same time lol. he can survive away from the ocean as long as hes able to cast a salt water saturation spell on himself at least once a day

Name: Thash
Race: Shark/Zora/Hylian
Age: 19
Body: 5'10" tall 7'8" long nose to tail tip
Home: the distant oceans northwest of hyrule
Title: outcast warrior/hunter

BACK STORY: Thash is a miscreation borne of several wicked deeds. At some point in recent zora history, a zora appeared who wanted to strengthen his race and make it rise above others, using this as justification to experiment mixing those of his race whom he'd kidnapped with various powerful sea creatures. Only one such monstrous creation lived, a beast half zora half shark. This monster killed that evil zora, however it was charmed the first time it laid eyes on a female hylian. This later resulted in Thash being born, however his mother was very displeased with this happening and disgusted with her son, taking him to the ocean and abandoning him to probable death. However his instincts soon turned him into an adept hunter and warrior, cutting a rough survival in the beast-filled ocean. His primary reason for joining the tournament is to train himself in preparation to fight off the increasing acts of prejudice he has to deal with, not to mention he just likes fighting in general. He's also very intrigued by the rumors he heard of the previous tournament, about some kind of powerful zora/hylian mixed breed....

STRENGTH- 7 being part shark he is naturally very strong, especially his jaws which can bite right through almost anything
AGILITY/SPEED -5 although he cant hit his top speed outside of water, it doesnt mean he's slow on land.
STAMINA -2 he only needs to cast a salt water saturation spell on himself once a day to live away from water, but if he expends energy fighting, that requirement increases, making his stamina heavily lacking on land
DURABILITY - 7 his skin is tough and rubbery with scales like a shark, meaning he can take a lot of punishment
IQ/STRATEGY - 5 though young he is very clever and quick-thinking
ENERGY PROJECTION -0 he wont be using any magic to fight in this tournament
FIGHTING- 1 he doesnt have a whole lot of fighting experience on the land and none whatsoever in tournaments
DETERMINATION - 5 he's courageous and wont back down easily once he's made up his mind (unless theres a very good reason to)

PERSONALITY: Thash is, understandably, a very cold character. He is not friendly in the least and expects everyone he meets to plot against him because so many have in the past, simply because of what he is and how he was born. Because of this he'd probably react badly even to kindness, expecting a trick. Although he dislikes other people in general he's really quite lonely so if someone could miraculously gain his trust, he would be a loyal friend. He doesnt show much emotion besides anger when around others, but is actually gentle to small harmless creatures he perceives as no threat. He also yearns for companionship but his paranoia and complete lack of social skills would get in the way of that... even if he wasnt, as he puts it, a freak. The things he likes to do are fight, hunt, make custom weapons (he made his own) and eat. Surprisingly he does have a sense of humor but its rather dark and he sometimes jokes about eating humans or zoras.

FIGHTING STYLE: Thash is a vicious and enthusiastic warrior, and feeling pain will normally only motivate him to fight harder. His shark nose is very sensitive to blood, meaning if he smells a lot of it his attacks will become even more violent and frenzied. He doesnt really like to kill, but if someone attempts to kill him first he feels no guilt about it. He doesnt hold back when facing women, but if he were attacked by a child he probably would restrain himself a bit. He's fairly direct, not needing deception or cheap shots to help him fight. He's much stronger in the water of course, able to move more quickly and feel the electric pulses of his enemy's muscles. He doesnt speak when fighting unless spoken to, or sees a chance to somehow weaken his opponents resolve.
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Thank you!
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oh this is zelda related, i put it in the wrong folder. i really like the design and that weapon is way awesome.
Talonclawfange Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you ^^ yeah I know it's obscure lol you can woudlnt be able to tell he's 1/4 zora without the fins on his arms...
Fish-with-a-Knife Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Helloooo handsome! Space piranha meets land shark, haha...
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